Here are a few of the many emails we receive about our auctions, our service, and our people.

Thanks Jaime. I will repeat what I told (your shipping supervisor) Nigel: I am blown away by the exceptional service you provide to your customers.

–Emanuel B.


“Your shipments are outrageously, fantastic! The shipment itself is so impressive. I am blown away at the detail to security. Other auction houses don’t do this. It’s wonderful to receive my shipment, open the box and then there’s the little note that makes everything so special. Please thank the shipping director for me. Your customer service is exceptional and you will never, ever lose my business. I feel like family when I call and you always so treat me well. Thank you so much!” T.L.


Dear Customer services team.

First of all thank you so much for calling me back in UK to sort out minor invoice / delivery detail.

You provided an amended “winning bidders invoice” overnight true to your word….[It’s] Been a pleasure buying from you . . customer service team the best !!! . . you put some English auction houses organisation to shame.

[I] Don’t have your bosses email address or I would send him a copy . . tell him to give you all a raise !!!


Stephen B


Hi Everyone!

Thanks so much again for your prompt handling of this and again establishing your credentials with us as a first time buyer–very very pleased and you’re obviously a stand-up business most appreciated! Outstanding customer service is what brings us back again and again!


Rich and Holly


Thank you for your way your auction is handled and the customer service being that as it is. Respectful, willing to communicate in a nice yet professional manner. I really appreciate that. Being new to auctions is something everyone that is involved with must be at one point. Again thanks for working with me. Let me know status and I will fulfill my end of the purchase.
Smiles hugs and Respect,


I can’t believe how fast you respond to emails. Your company is so thorough, I am so impressed. Thank you for you great service.


Thank you for your prompt response. I wish all the auction houses were like yours.


Mon Dieu! I can hardly believe it! Thank you so much for all your help.
Best wishes,


Thank you Jaime, your service is always excellent.
Have a nice afternoon,


Thank you. Looking forward to your next auction.
Wayne H.


Thank you for your concise and complete answer to me over the coins and I
accept all you have explained to me and thanks for taking the time and trouble to do this.
Yours Sincerely,
Peter O.


I really appreciate your response and you taking the time to reach out to me. I appreciate again your prompt attention.
Thank you!
Margie R.


Thank you, I am impressed and appreciative.


Thank you for your help and guidance.I will look forward to bidding in your future auctions.
Joseph G.


The box arrived today. I am very happy with it and thank you again!
Joyce G.